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6. Februar 2009

Deadly Duplicity? | Tödliche Doppelzüngigkeit?

"The Ghanaian and African problem of economic depression – called underdevelopment in our case - now threatens to be a global problem not to mention the high-profile suicides in UK and Germany amongst others. Noam Chomsky put the World Bank duplicity in his own words: “It is a worldwide crisis and it is very serious. It is striking that the ways that Western countries are approaching the crisis [entirely contradict] the model that they enforce on the Third World when there is a crisis. So when Indonesia has a crisis, [or] Argentina and everyone else, they are supposed to raise interest rates very high and privatize the economy, and cut down on public spending, measures like that. In the West, it is the exact opposite: lower interest rates to zero, move towards nationalization if necessary, pour money into the economy, have huge debts. That is exactly the opposite of how the Third World is supposed to pay off its debts. That this seems to pass without comment is remarkable.” What is also remarkable is that the approach they force on us in the Third World normally goes with illegal regimes." (Hervorhebungen KDL)

mehr / more >> World Bank Free Market Policy Duplicity (GhanaWeb)

Naja, ich finds schon remarkable! Und das zieht sich wie ein roter Faden durch diesen EZ-Blog. Das nur mal so nebenher.

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Comment: BAN WB FROM GHANA, Author: esi begyina, Date: 2009-02-06 00:29:27


We are waiting for a leader who will stand up and sack World Bank, IMF and all those parasitic agencies from ghana. We dont need them. We need our own leadership to mobilize our own resources to find our own way. That is how any developed country in the world made it. Nobody has ever taken loans and grants from WB/ IMF and transitioned from poor to middle income to successful. it never happend anywhere. i still wonder why Africans think they can follow that system and succeed? it simply cant happen. So far after 50+ years of this begger-giver economic model not one specific example of any antion that has used it become successful, self reliant and economic powerhouse. not one.

They say doing the same ting and expecting the same result is insanity. So are we too blind to see it?

From ERP to PAMSCAD to "free markets" to HIPIC. Still no progress. More dependency. Neo-colonialism is alive and well in Africa and not going anywhere anytime soon.

We must end it. NOW!

Ghana deserves better.

Comment: Kwami Insighful Article but
Author: Ahmed Bawa Kuyini, Date: 2009-02-06 05:53:12

Dear Kwami,
This is an insightful article. I like your arguments. The problem is untangling ourselves from such a global web is not going to be easy. When countries like China start to embrace these IMF/WB policies, it will be hard for minor players like us to avoid being swept along in the wild current.

Comment: Free Market, Author: ken, Date: 2009-02-06 02:36:37

It is interesting your comments about printing money to solve our economic problems. What you have forgotten is that,it does not make sense to print 'more' money into the economy when inflation is high.The UK gov't is printing money cos the there is deflation which means it make sense to do this policy.

On your criticism on free market as opposed to socialist agenda, we can't copy the likes of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, or China which takes the people right for granted. Moreso, all these countries practising socialist ideologies end up enriching themselves by living comfortable at the expense of people.

In all cases, they ended up providing second/third rated services to the populace. Take for instance before the NPP came to power one have to queue for days/months b4 Ghana Telecom would provide that person a fixed line. What is happening now is that GT/Vodafone is providing free calls to customers during weekends. This thing would never happened under socialist/communist gov't.

Even China and Libya have opened their economy for the private sector participation.

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