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15. Juli 2008

The North re-colonising the South?

"Responding to questions on the sale of Ghana Telecom (GT) shares, [Dr. Thompson] said, 'we have a situation where our national football team is seemingly never entrusted to a Ghanaian, our water is in the hands of the Dutch, our roads are built by the Chinese, the Presidential Palace is being built by Indians, waste by the Belgians, and our Telecom sector is now earmarked for an Anglo-American company.'

[He] said further that the CPP was opposed to the continuing erosion and reversal of the living standards of our people, adding, 'this approach was undermining our self-confidence as a nation and a people.'

He said many people saw what was going on as a grand conspiracy by developed countries to re-colonise us by taking over our strategic industries - utilities, media, telecoms, describing it as a case of 're-colonization by invitation.' "

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