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15. Juli 2008

One More reason Why Foreign Aid stinks . . .

From: "Franklin Cudjoe"

Ghanaian Government blows more than $1.4m on gold medals.

Only in Africa will prominence be placed on luxurious items as Presidential Jets, palaces, gold-plated cars and medallions forofficialdom at the expense of public infrastructure and open sewers that spread disease.

To think that gold medals for supposedly national heroes (when in actual fact, the economy stagnates) in a 'poor' country will cost US $ 1.5 million can't be described as modest. Never mind that Ghana's President can purchase two Presidential jets under dodgy circumstances, completely shutting our the country's Parliament from the initial purchasing

However, be sure that at the next available photo-opportunity with G-8 leaders we'll be begging for more Aid dollars. If only these Aid givers knew…

Meanwhile in an interview with the BBC, IMANI's Bright Simons said "If the [National Gold Awards] process had succeeded in building a lot of reconciliation across the political spectrum, it would have been worth it," he added.

Mr Simons said the intention was honourable, but suggested the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), could have managed the event better - by including members from across the political divide in an independent awards committee."

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