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8. August 2008

Ghana: Blood Flows Over Voter Register

(c) Daily Guide, Accra, Ghana (8 August 2008)
"The nationwide voters’ registration exercise has taken a violent twist in certain parts of the country, with activists of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) throwing caution to the wind, unleashing terror and inflicting wounds on their party’s opponents.

Even though the 11-day exercise is expected to end on Sunday, NDC activists have made it a matter of life and death, thumping whoever crosses their path at the registration centres with impunity.

Reports reaching DAILY GUIDE indicate that several cases of assault have been lodged with the police over the violent conducts of NDC activists, with the party accusing the police and the Electoral Commission (EC) of discrimination." entire article >> click

Das ist gleichzeitg ein gutes Beispiel für einseitige Berichterstattung, und man sieht, auf welcher Seite das Blatt steht, wie der folgende IRIN-News Artikel nahe legt:
Pre-election violence and irregularities worry watchdogs
"ACCRA, 7 August 2008 (IRIN) - Independent observers and civil society groups in Ghana say voter registration, the first major step towards landmark general elections in December, is being marred by violence and irregularities.

In the north of Ghana supporters of the two main political parties – the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) - vandalised registration centres on 2 August and gun shots were heard in Tamale, the capital of the northern region, during voter registration.

The Media Foundation for West Africa, a press-freedom monitoring group, warned that five journalists covering voter registration in Tamale were attacked by supporters from both parties.
" entire article >> click

Eine Meinung zum Thema: Steht anl. der Wahlen -- oder danach -- ein Krieg bevor? Was muss geschehen, um das zu verhindern?

"Can we plunge into war?

On the 16th of July 2008, the Daily Graphic reported the arrest of a group of people claiming to belong to an NGO. These five individuals were carrying weapons and ammunition in addition to a cargo load of military styled clothes. What are the possible implications? Well, I do not intend to be a prophet of doom but read on…

This write-up is based on my observations, perhaps skewed but possibly real. In this write-up any reference to “politics” refers to national level politics.

Can there be a war in this year’s general elections (election 2008)? The answer is easily yes, but the question is; how close are we to a state of social disorder and war? Well, I believe we are too close for comfort and there is the need for us to sit up as a nation rather than to become tools with which political parties attain their non-egalitarian ends." entire article >> click (Joy online)

An dieser Stelle verweise ich auf meinen Beitrag vom 29.01.2008 (!)

Kann Kenia in post-election Ghana passieren?

Und ein zweites Mal am 9. März 2008:

Ad 2: Kann Kenia in Ghana nach den Wahlen Ende 2008 passieren?

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