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1. Dezember 2008

Africans See Poverty: Foreigners See Resources and Wealth

In this wide-ranging interview, James Shikwati talks to Kristina Bozic on the issue of poverty in Africa and how foreign aid has accelerated it. Since Africans perceive themselves as poor, they always turn to rich countries. The donor countries in turn take advantage of their plight to exploit them. Shikwati offers suggestions on how Africa can redeem itself.

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"Are Millennium Development Goals anything new? Aren’t they the same promises African leaders gave at independence, in a new dress? The manner to achieve them is still the same old one: let others come and fix it. The whole aid debate is about shutting down the concept of letting somebody else fix it, and promoting the fact that we are the ones to fix it. In this era of dominance, people are striving for power. As China flexes its economic muscles globally, Europeans are certainly feeling left out. They do not want to be irrelevant in African issues. They are busy figuring out what to do to remain relevant. That Africa might join the club of those with economic might scares them to fits. If developed nations are genuine in their quest to help, why are they spending millions to persuade Africans to accept aid? Giving money makes the continent remain where it is. Aid is like a drug that causes addiction. I have read accounts of the effects of welfare on black populations in the USA and seen parallels in our situation."

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