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29. Oktober 2009

Mehrparteiendemokratie westlicher Provenienz nicht geeignet für afrikanische Vielvölkerstaaten?

America Needs To Apologize To Ghana
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“When our late president Nkrumah decided after a careful deliberation that, Ghana with both her multi-ethnicities and tribes would be better served under a one party system, strong was the objection to this notion. This notion was considered undemocratic. To many people, democracy meant multipartyism. However, little did they understood that multipartyism in a multi-ethnic country like Ghana, if not careful, could lead to civil unrest or war. Especially, if these various ethnic tribes and groups are divided by ethnic status-due to wealth and power. Therefore, to prevent the country from such an undesirable fate, it would be best if the country didn't vote at all. But instead of voting opt for a government, which would prioritize the collective interests of all Ghanaians-irrespective of their ethnic background or tribe.
Today Ghana's multipartyism, more than anything else, is ethnically driven and centered. The people vote for political parties, which they have either a tribal or ethnic affiliation. This type of voting can never have the best interests of the country at heart. And why? you ask. It's because, this type of voting promotes unnecessary ethnic illusion of power of one ethnic group over the other. For instance, we all do know that most supporters affiliated with the NDC party are mostly non Akans. It could also be confirmed that most Akans tend to vote for the NPP party. This trend, should it continue, could lead us into civil war one day. And all because, this form of ethnic division, if provoked by politics, could dump the country into an inferno. Hence, the need for the coalition of all the various political parties in Ghana under One absolute party, which would prioritize the best interests of every child of Ghana. Because really, a people divided are more or less defeated.“

Online-Kommentar (einer von über 100):

“Some of our people are concerned about the "few" who were jailed or died during DR NKRUMAH'S days but easily forget or stupidly ignore the "millions" who benefited.

They have forgotten that America enjoyed centuries of free African labour before adopting democracy. That Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Soviets, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore were all at one time dictatorial entities before they laid the foundation for their current status as industrial or economic and financial power houses.

Was it democracy when we were in slavery or was it democracy when we were under those colonial exploiters?

If we don't get smart and forge a new path based on our own doctrine of governance then we shall continue to wallow in abject poverty, diseases, illiteracy, under-development and under represented whilst our human and natural resources continue to enrich other nations.

DR NKRUMAH was for a highly developed GHANA/AFRICA with a powerful, respectful and influential voice on the world stage supporting the voiceless around the world.

Think of how many millions have been condemned to die out of poverty and diseases and wars by the west to further their political aspirations.

The name KWAME NKRUMAH was a nightmare to the west and some of our useless people.”

Ich lass das einfach mal so stehen und jeder kann sich seine eigenen Gedanken machen. Die Wahlen in Afghanistan lassen grüßen!

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